The C19 BAME LEARN project aims to understand the mechanisms and factors that can improve inclusion, protection and well-being of health and social care workers (HSCW ) from black and minority ethnicity (BAME) backgrounds involved in the provision of health and social care across the spectrum of acute, community and private settings. The increased risk of illness and death from COVID-19 (C19) among HSCW from BAME backgrounds has highlighted the severity of the inequities that they face. This project includes representatives from the North West region as collaborators, including academics, clinicians, public health and experts-by-experience. As part of the project we would like to include and involve BAME HSCW representatives from across the allied health networks in the study design, delivery and dissemination. We want to ensure that the outcomes being measured and the strategies and recommendations that come out of this work are relevant for the different sectors of health and social care, including psychology, dentistry, pharmacy, primary care, private care homes and occupational health.

All necessary training and support for the role will be provided, and individuals will be paid for their time within the project funding.

For more information about the roles or the study more generally, please contact Dr Pooja Saini on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .