UCLAN: NICE Recommended Person-Centred Counselling for Depression’ (PCE-CfD) training

We have 10 additional places to offer for this training!

This programme is designed as CPD for the existing counselling workforce to equip them to provide evidence-based counselling interventions within IAPT services. The programme comprises of a five-day training programme, 80 hours of supervised practice with PCE-CfD clients and the submission of 4 audio tapes of practice which must meet the PCEPS threshold for therapy adherence. The five-day training programme, includes the following elements: -
• Introduction to the IAPT programme and Orientation to the Practitioner’s Manual.
• Theoretical principles and values.
• Working with depression, working empathically and working briefly.
• Working with an accepting and non-judgemental attitude and achieving authenticity.
• Working with problematic emotional processes.

Conditions of Acceptance: the applicant must normally have the written agreement from their managers for:

• Permission to release applicant to attend the five-day training
• Permission to be released for supervision with a PCE-CfD supervisor as specified by the training provider. (Sessions will be part of a small group, for a minimum of 1.5 hours per month overall plus a 45-minute single session via phone or Skype).
• Access to clients who are suitable to work with a PCE-CfD model.
• Permission to release all PCE-CfD client material for use in supervision.
• Permission for the recording and release of selected PCE-CfD therapy sessions for assessment.
• The service being IAPT compliant.

Application Forms: Please contact:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Return forms by: 2nd December 2019
The training programme will take place from Monday, 17th – Friday, 21st February 9.30am - 4.00pm, 2020.