The North West Psychological Professions Network (PPN) are delighted to announce the 2019 PPN Annual Conference will focus on the implications and opportunities for the psychological professions working within the NHS as it sets out its vision to prepare the workforce to deliver the digital future.

The Topol Review (HEE, 2019) highlights that the NHS finds itself at a unique point in the history of healthcare, with the convergence of new technologies, advances in genomics, developments in biosensors, the electronic patient record and smartphone apps, enabled by artificial intelligence within a digital infrastructure, creates the capacity of healthcare on to deliver personalised care in a far more rational, efficient and tailored basis.

Building a Digital Ready Workforce (BDR) is a national programme being led by HEE that aims to build a workforce that has the understanding and skills to use data, information, knowledge and technology to transform the way they offer health and care services.

The conference programme will provide the opportunity for psychological practitioners working across health and care in NHS commissioned services to better understand the vision of the NHS to become world leaders in digital innovation and to explore the implications and opportunities of digital technologies for the psychological professions in educational and clinical environments.

Over the past twelve months the profile of the PPN gathered significant pace across England. We have initiated  a range of projects, published a number of papers, collaborated with partner organisations and are working with stakeholders to strengthen representation of the Psychological Professions nationally.

We are delighted to be able to welcome colleagues from Kent, Surrey & Sussex PPN who will join us to celebrate our successes and launch our brand new ‘12 Psychological Professions’ Animation which is part of our drive to raise awareness of the vital contribution that the psychological professionals make everyday across health and care.

We will consider questions such as:

  • How can the practice of the psychological professions workforce respond to the new digital agenda?
  • What role can we play in informing the safe and effective application of digital technologies?
  • What support does the workforce need to meet the ambitious vision for the NHS to be world leading in digitally enhanced care?

The programme includes:

  • Members of the national Topol Review team presenting the findings and recommendations of the Review for the NHS workforce and mental health care.
  • Presentations from local innovators and leaders in the development of digital ways of working
  • The service user and carer perspective on their reactions and questions about digital ways of working
  • The opportunity to explore the theme of digital working and network with peers and health care partners.

The programme will be circulated shortly.

To register your place, click here.