Spread the word - the psychological professions have something to say!

Spread the word - the psychological professions have something to say!

The PPN has reached its first anniversary marked by our second annual conference.

When we were offered the chance by HENW to create a brand new psychological professions network it was an important signal of the growing awareness of the importance of psychological approaches across health care. In the North West we are well known for 'just getting on with it', so, not wanting to loose a unique opportunity, this is exactly what we've done!

One year on we have 1200 psychological practitioners and colleagues like commissioners and academics in the network, all receiving the weekly news bulletin and looking for ways of taking part in our growing community of practice; we have our multi-professional workforce board, the 'engine room' of the network, established; and we have an place alongside our partner networks in the Centre for Professional Workforce Development.

As the network grows lots and lots of things are happening so I am joining Gita in the PPN blog to give regular snapshots of what's happening and reflect on the issues, ideas and opportunities being generated by the network.

One of the many pleasures of this past year has been to work with a gifted and (very patient!) animation team to produce a short animation to be the centrepiece of the PPN awareness raising campaign. If you haven't seen it already please take time to have a look, show it to others, tell us what you think. You can find it along with all the materials from the conference on our event page

The more the network grows the greater the strength of the message 'Parity of Esteem for Mental Health & Psychological Approaches' becomes. We want to hear your ideas about how we can speak meaningfully to our colleagues across healthcare. As psychological professionals we all have a responsibility to the people who the NHS serves to explain how it makes sense to integrate psychological approaches in all parts of health care, in mental health of course but in physical and public heath too.

PPN is entering its second year with psychological professionals firmly at the table and with the mandate to remind policy makers, colleagues and commissioners at every opportunity the message "There's No Health Without Mental Health"

Spread the word and at every opportunity ask encourage everyone to ask how can the psychological professions play a role?

Coming together to solve problems and stay engaged
Happy New Year!


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