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Time seems to pass quickly and it seems surprisingly quick that the PPN is approaching the 3rd anniversary of the website launch.   There has been research looking at the experience of time passing and relating it to age and experience (adults have more to remember than children) and to heart rate (slower heart rates may mean time is experienced more quickly).   However, that’s for another day. 

We have sent out a link to our member survey which you should have received either via email or via the news bulletin.  We would be really, really grateful if you would take the time to provide us with your views on the network including events, website and what you’d like from the network.  

When Clare Baguley and I worked to set up the website, we just got on and did it using our own ideas, feedback from the steering group and input from web design.  So far it seems to have worked and been acceptable to you all (despite some glitches).  However, it is time for a refresh and we’d really appreciate your input into how it could better, fresher, newer and also what should stay unchanged.  Similarly, the structure of events including special interest groups and the annual event has remained much the same and we’d like some input on how we can make these as useful and as accessible as possible to our members. 

So what are we going to do with all this feedback when we get it? I’m sure some of you have completed surveys before and what you’ve provided has disappeared into a black hole never to be seen nor heard of again.   That won’t happen with this and we will be looking at all the responses and comments.  They will be summarised and shared via the website.  We will take proposals from the comments to the workforce board for their views and we will review the website.   In terms of timescales, I would love to get this done in the next few weeks but realistically getting the views of lots of people and synthesising them will take a bit longer (but hopefully by January).

Some of you have already completed the survey – thank you.  We need many more of you to complete the survey it can be more representative of us all.  It should take no more than 25 minutes (or as my son used to describe periods of time – one Scooby Do) and will help inform how our network evolves.   Thank you for your help.

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