Supporting Clinical Excellence

The Psychological Professions Network (PPN) North West is committed to supporting clinical excellence and its further development in all our professions. Continuing professional development in clinical skills training will enhance our capability in meeting the needs of our population, service users, families and carers. We will work with partner organisations to access and develop leadership skills across the professions to enable our workforce contribute to service development and inform commissioning. The network will promote the importance of supervision, mentoring and coaching to increase our skills to support our colleagues as well as the wider workforce.

Enhancing clinical knowledge and skills

Our members and colleagues hold a wide range of clinical, training and supervision skills. PPN North West will be dedicated to sharing expertise and promoting the excellent clinical practice that already exists within the network. Our work with local universities and health service providers will provide the opportunity to inform the development of skills based clinical education programmes; and, by bringing together information about funded education and training programmes, aims to improve awareness and uptake of continuing professional development opportunities. We will seek input from members to identify further development needs for our specific areas of practice and across the workforce as a whole.

Useful resources
National Institue for Health & Care Excellence (NICE)
Cochrane Library
The Nuffield Trust
The Mental Elf

Developing leadership skills

Access to leadership training and development can be patchy and is usually undertaken via employer or professional body routes. We seek to link with current initiatives such as the North West Mentoring and Coaching scheme and also the Leadership Academy to raise awareness of available support and resources, improve access for the whole of the workforce and enable the development of courses to meet our members' needs.

Useful resources
North West NHS Leadership Academy
The Kings Fund - Leadership Development Programme

Promoting values based practice

Values-based practice emphasises the importance and impact of the diversity of individual values in health care including the values of people who use our services, their families and carers, the clinicians, researchers and managers. It seeks to enable these perspectives to be recognised and respected by all in the development, delivery and receipt of services. In 2004, the 10 Essential Shared Capabilities was developed as a core standard for all professions. Since this time concerns about values and behaviours in health care have been at the forefront of discussion. The findings of the Francis Inquiry Report (February, 2013) as well as the Berwick (August, 2013) and Keogh (July, 2013) reports highlight the importance of keeping knowledge and awareness around values based practice as being at the heart of clinical excellence. By encouraging our members to reflect on values and behaviours; developing meaningful conversations with service users and patient groups; and promoting values based practice in our engagement with workforce stakeholders and commissioning partners we aim to keep patient centred values at the heart of clinical practice.

Useful resources
NHS Constitution for England

Further resources

Whose Values? - A workbook for values-based practice in mental health care
Model values? - Race, values and models in mental health
Anticipating the Francis Inquiry Report

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