Contributing to Research & Innovation

"Our ambition must be for an NHS defined by its commitment to innovation, demonstrated both in its support for research and its success in the rapid adoption and diffusion of the best, transformative, most innovative ideas, products, services and clinical practice. We have the potential to create the best health system in the world, enhancing the quality of life for people with long term conditions, preventing people from dying prematurely, helping people recover from ill health and ensuring that patients have a positive experience of care."

Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS in England (2011)
Innovation Health and Wealth, Accelerating Adoption and Diffusion in the NHS

Research and innovation is central to developing evidence based psychological approaches, finding the most effective ways of delivering services, and exploring new areas of application. Within the psychological professions of the northwest there is a wealth of expertise and experience with clinical teams and our universities taking part in regionally important projects, and undertaking research that has national and international importance. PPN North West aims to support its members by providing links to regional centres, and the opportunity for members to showcase their own innovative projects and share good practice. We are keen to hear about your work and invite you to actively contribute to this area. If you have a piece of research or a project that you would like to share within the network please contact us, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Support for researchers in the NHS

Download some simple 'Top Tips' for practitioners wanting to get involved in research.

NICE Evidence Services

NICE Evidence Services are a suite of services that provide internet access to high quality authoritative evidence and best practice. The services cover health, social care and public health evidence. Evidence Services aim to help professionals make better and quicker evidence based decisions.

NHS Research & Development North West

The NHS R&D North West Team provides a hub for news, information and support for health research in the North West. They facilitate NHS and partner organisations, Universities and Industry to work collaboratively to develop and secure high quality, innovative bids for research funding.

NHS Research & Development North West Early Career Researcher Network

A LinkedIn group to support early career researchers working in the NHS has been launched by R&D North West. Early career researchers are those people with a desire to develop their research skills and expertise at all levels from pre Masters. The LinkedIn group aims to provide an avenue for networking across the region, be a link to resources and training opportunities and act as a mechanism for disseminating materials presented at workshops and training days. People who are already members of LinkedIn just need to search for the group and request to join. Those who are not members of LinkedIn will need to register first and then request to join the group.

NHS National Institute for Health Research - Research Design Service North West

 Provides face to face, telephone and e-mail support for all aspects of research design and conduct.

The National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care North West Coast (NIHR CLAHRC NWC) 

The mission of the NIHR CLAHRC NWC is to work collaboratively with Partner organisations and other stakeholders including members of the public to co-produce and conduct high-quality, leadership enhancing, applied research designed to decrease health inequalities and improve the health of the population of the NW Coast.

Network of Public Health Observatories / Public Health England

Provides access to data on all aspects of public health, including profiles for every local authority in England giving an overview of mental health risks, prevalence and services at a local, regional and national level.

Specialist research centres

Spectrum Centre for Mental Health 
Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research
Manchester Academic Health Science Centre

Useful resources

UK National Statistics
National Institue for Health & Care Excellence (NICE)

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