The Organisational Structure of PPN North West

PPN North West is supported by Health Education England and is one of four professional networks. The networks bring together professionals with shared clincial and workforce interests and provide a hub for sharing information about education, research & development, and networking opportunities. They enable strategic links to be made within the organisiational and strategic structures of the NHS , and an opportunity to articlate and promote the important conttribution of their members.

All four of the networks come together within the Centre for Professional Workforce Development which promotes cross network shared learning, innovation and research opportunities.

PPN NorthWest is organised through the PPN North West Steering Group and the PPN North West Board. The initial development of the network is currently under the direction of the Interim Steering Group. The role of the Steering Group is to support the development of the network and the work of the Network Lead by providing opinion, guidence and feedback.

The Chair of the Interim Steering Board is Dr Gita Bhutani and the Network lead is Clare Baguley.

In February 2014 we shall be holding a formal launch of the network, and we shall be inviting members to come forward to form the first PPN North West Board. The Board will be mulit-professional and representative of the community of its membership. The Board will provide governence for the network, and will have representation with Health Education England’s North West Team and the Local Education and Training Board.

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